Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Total Retail Control Ltd., Selected as LightSpeed EPOS Software Distributor for UK & Ireland

TRC LightSpeed EPOS System
LightSpeed provides retailers with a robust, interactive retail system that leverages Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Total Retail Control Ltd. (TRC) , an innovative retail solutions expert in the Ireland and UK retail markets, is thrilled to announce the selection of TRC as an authorized LightSpeed EPOS software reseller. A leader in retail EPOS solutions, TRC will be offering LightSpeed's highly evolved EPOS software which is a robust, fully integrated, inventory-centric retail system that leverages the power of Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to provide retail tools for the iGeneration. LightSpeed will perfectly complement the retail solutions product suite TRC currently offers.

"We are excited to offer LightSpeed to the Ireland and UK markets. The LightSpeed retail system moves seamlessly from front counter, to online… to anywhere customers are – using Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a revolutionary all-in-one system for retailers which makes it easier to control inventory and even bring the sale right to the retail customer with LightSpeed Mobile and LightSpeed eCommerce." says Gavin Peacock, CEO, TRC.

Dax Dasilva, Founder, CEO and Vice President of Development, LightSpeed adds, "LightSpeed’s Show & Tell feature creates an exciting and interactive sales tool to involve customers in product selection and purchase, within the sleek Mac and iPad interfaces. This exceptional shopping experience elevates the sales experience for both the retailer and the customer.”

LightSpeed is an innovative complete retail solution which provides retailers with a comprehensive suite of retail tools and sales workflows for iGeneration retailers. LightSpeed products are multi-user, multi-store and extensible through developer API so that software does not limit retail aspirations.

“Providing excellence and innovation in retail solutions to clients across Ireland and the UK is TRC’s ultimate goal. We know the next step for retailers is to implement fresh, next-generation retail solutions like mobile-based EPOS systems, retail staff integrity testing, and an e-receipt solution,” says Gavin Peacock, CEO, TRC. "We have added these products to our suite and will continue to hunt down, test and offer the best and most innovative retail tools the world has to offer."

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