Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Multi Level Marketing = Mums Lose Money?

"Multi Level Marketing = Mums Lose Money" is the claim by Mums Enterprise Ltd., who have taken the principled decision to ban all Multi-Level Marketing Companies from exhibiting at their flexible work and business shows that are being staged in both London and Manchester.

Mum’s Enterprise Ltd. have announced the decision that they are NOT accepting exhibitor bookings for exhibitors representing ny Multi Level Marketing (MLM) brands to protect attendees and preserve the transparent and honest ambitions of their brand.

Responsible business owners and mothers themselves, Lindsey Fish, Founder and CEO and her business partner Lucy Chaplin, know only too well, the pressures set upon parents to find a flexible work alternative funding life after children. Because of this, they chose to ban MLM operators from all aspects of their events and ro protect parents "from being conned by them."

Lindsey Fish said: "We describe Mums Enterprise Roadshow as the UK’s only premium flexible work and business show and it’s vital to us we provide an honest platform for parents across the UK to attend and discover new and genuine business opportunities which will help them obtain a healthy work life balance and #SHOOTFORTHEMOON.

“We will also ensure security staff are vigilant to any visitors who might try to promote MLM schemes at the events. We could ask them to leave if they seem to be actively promoting and trying to recruit attendees.”

Working closely with Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club, together they are highlighting the vulnerability of women who are seeking a way to earn a large income for little effort, affording them a perceived healthy work life balance.

Together they want to work to protect them from falling into the trap of multi-level marketing schemes because those who are recruited become trapped 'in' are compelled to keep selling the dream, as the only way to try to recoup their increasing losses is to continue selling and recruiting, so they cannot afford to speak the truth.

Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club comments, “Since we started investigating MLMs we’ve uncovered one shocking truth after another. We’ve been contacted by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), reps and even by MLM companies themselves. And not one has convinced us that it’s a legitimate, fair industry.

"Mothers are an obvious target for MLMs - we often have large networks of friends and are looking for opportunities to make money from home. But the glamour of their products, marketing and incentive rewards, and twee inspirational quotes, belies an ugly business model in which 99.6% of participants will lose money.

“MLMs are also very good at appearing legitimate - with clever sponsorship, sweeping industry awards and surveys (easy to do when you have an army of reps incentivised to vote for you) and creating mysterious charities.

“The truth is that MLMs are pyramid schemes in all but name. Their products are simply there to ensure they are legitimate. The real money comes from recruiting large downlines, and everyone bar the top 0.4% of the pyramid loses.

Mums Enterprise Roadshow Manchester will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday 20th June at Event City, in Trafford City Manchester. Mums enterprise Roadshow London will be its first ever two-day event in London in the larger venue; Olympia London which will take place from Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018. The event includes individuals, initiatives and organisations who can help attendees retrain, find flexible jobs, start or grow a business and people can be safe knowing they will not see a single MLM opportunity.

To register for free visit or to request an exhibitor pack do so here

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