Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tesco Uses Nolio to Reduce Application Release Time to Hours

End-to end application deployment automation by leading retailer is latest example of Nolio's success in cloud and virtualised environments

Nolio, a leading provider of application release automation software today announced that Tesco, a leading $40b global retailer, has adopted Nolio ASAP as its standard solution for application release automation across Nolio ASAP will be used to support Tesco’s deployment automation vision across their highly virtualized datacenters and ensure smooth and efficient application deployments for

Tesco sells through 5,380 stores globally, employing over 500,000 employees and it's also one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online retailers, with offerings in markets as diverse as motor insurance, home electrical and clothing. IT plays a major role in Tesco’s overall success and record for innovation by converting manual application service procedures into automated processes, meeting the demand for fast, accurate and repeatable application releases in complex environments.

Vipul Shah, Head of Release, Deployment and Software Configuration Management at, said: “Nolio allows us to greatly speed-up our roll-out processes and ensure higher quality of releases. The product’s ease of use is hugely beneficial to us in terms of maintainability and reducing overhead. Our core strategy for this decade is to ‘Go Faster’ and we always strive to become better, simpler, and cheaper. Nolio ASAP fits in well with this ethos and ensures we have the right mechanism in place to deliver exciting new offerings to our customers.”

The IT team at Tesco opted for Nolio as the core of its manifest deployment strategy, which centralizes application release processes by using an XML manifest as its live ‘system of record’ throughout the deployment. This technique, supported by Nolio’s Application Release Automation Platform, clearly separates deployment payload data from process, so that application changes are deployed with nominal manual changes, reducing the risk of human error, preserving the new application architecture as the roll-out progresses and ensuring a faster time to market.

Eran Sher, VP Products at Nolio said: “The ability to drive rapid IT change and maintain the integrity of a SaaS application, while minimizing human errors is finally here. Although a relatively new concept, Manifest Deployment builds on the well-tried principle of keeping data and process separate. The benefits for large IT users, when faced with wholesale IT changes, are huge and we are delighted that Tesco chose Nolio as the correct technology for this major IT shift.”

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