Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BrightCarbon Beats Presentation Blues with Free Master Class Webinars

Lots of people find presenting in public difficult and nerve-racking, even if they have attended presentation skills training. Presentation specialists BrightCarbon claim that this is due to poor presentation design – with the use of self-explanatory bullet-points – means that presenters are ignored by their audiences, which in turn makes presenters more nervous as they talk.

To debunk the myths of unsuccessful presentation skills training, BrightCarbon will run free Presentation Skills Training sessions. These sessions take a non-traditional approach, and aim to help presenters to become more confident simply by teaching them what to do to present slides effectively.

The online Presentation Skills master classes will be held in May. The first session, to be held on 16 May and repeated 17 May, is entitled ‘How to be a Better Presenter – Myths and Tips’. This session aims to expose some of the myths around traditional, ineffective, presentation skills training, and give practical guidance on what to do instead. The second session, held on 23 and 24 May, will teach speakers how to best present six common types of slide. The third session, held on 30 and 31 May, covers how to present effectively online at webinars and online meetings. All sessions are free, and can be booked via the BrightCarbon website.

BrightCarbon will also run a complementary series of online Advanced PowerPoint training master classes in June.

Richard Goring, BrightCarbon Managing Consultant commented – Too many presenters get nervous when faced with delivering a PowerPoint presentation. Trainers teach them to do things like breathe and relax, but never address the real issue – which is that it’s impossible to present boring bullet-points well. For all those presenters who find it hard to stand-up and talk, stop worrying about nerves, think a bit more about slide design, and then we’ll teach you what you should do instead.”

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