Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Proposals To Make 0800 Numbers Free To Call From Mobile Phones - Great News For Consumers Say JustCall

Ofcom, the UK regulator for the communications industries, have published new proposals that could make all calls to 0800 telephone numbers free of charge. Cheap calls provider JustCall welcome the new changes with open arms.

As outlined in the proposals, the main goal sets out to tackle consumer confusion on the cost of calling businesses and public services on 08,09 and 118 numbers. Currently, all calls made to 0800 numbers are free when calling from a landline only. But these numbers are know as 'freephone' numbers hence where the confusion lies and why many believe they are free to call from a mobile phone.

Research conducted by Ofcom has shown that many individuals were confused by non-geographic numbers. To be specific - what they are used for and who can use them. Therefore creating a lack of trust that has resulted in consumers less likely to call these numbers over the years.

To help improve consumer trust the new proposals offer simpler numbering for non-geographic calls, that includes 080 and 116 numbers to be free from both telephone and mobile phones. Also, 08, 09 and 118 numbers will have a new standardised structure, that will clearly set out the charges being applied by phone companies.

A spokesperson from cheap calls provider JustCall comments: “The current cost can be up to 21 per minute to call 0800 numbers from a mobile phone, so these proposals will really make a difference for everyone, including those who rely on their mobile phone. Because many people are choosing their mobile phone as their main and only source for contacting others.”

“At JustCall we are proud to offer 100% transparency on our pricing and the terms that apply. With no hidden costs or subscription fee's we are proud a simple, transparent and cheap service to our customers.”

A final decision regarding the new proposed rules can be expected to be made by 2013.

For more information regarding JustCall check us out at: www.justcall.co.uk


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