Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New smartphone safety eBook released in paperback form

Due to popular demand Rod Cambridge, the author of 'How NOT To Use Your Smartphone', has released a paperback version of the eBook.

Increasingly, smartphone users are being hacked because they don't understand how to configure or use their devices safely. And identity thieves can do an awful lot of bad once they have someone's personal information. The bad guys can trick smartphone owners into connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks where their credentials and other private information becomes exposed.

They can drop malware onto a device without the user realising, or make the smartphone call or text premium numbers that the bad guys own, pocketing the cash while the user ends up with huge bills. All too often the victims of hackers also have to deal with financial, banking, credit card, and utilities fraud, loss of social and professional reputation, and more.

In this book, computer security professional Rod Cambridge highlights the dangers of mobile computing and provides solutions, tips, and advice to help the user avoid being hacked through their smartphone.

"Smartphone and tablet users just don't realise how vulnerable they are to ID theft" said Rod, "the bad guys know that users often engage in the risky usage practices that I highlight in the book, so they now have smartphones and tablets firmly in their sights - especially as these devices typically contain valuable information such as contacts, addresses, passwords, and account details."

Smartphone owners armed with this book will be able to identify, and avoid, those risky usage practices - protecting their valuable information and data at the same time.

How NOT To Use Your Smartphone is second in the How NOT To series of eBooks. The first, How NOT To Write an App was launched last year. Additional books in the 'How NOT To' series will be released during 2012.

The eBook version of How NOT To Use Your Smartphone is priced at $2.99, and the paperback version is priced at $7.99.

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