Tuesday, 3 April 2012

With goal of £58 million turnover, Barker Ross Group creates nine industry teams

Top UK recruitment agency, the Barker Ross Group has undergone a major restructure and created nine dedicated divisions to ensure it achieves its aim of increasing turnover to £58 million by 2015.

It’s new food, agriculture, waste, industrial, logistics construction, civil engineering, energy and housing teams will source and supply temporary, contract and permanent workers.

Founder and managing director of Barker Ross, Paul Ross says: “We’ve grown the business as we have been able to give clients the people they want, when they want them. We’ve got ambitious growth plan as we currently turnover £22 million and want to more than double this by 2015.”

“This restructure is really just a logical extension of what we have doing all along; it gives our consultants a clear focus in one area of business. This focus will mean, they will know exactly what is going on in their sector and be able to really contribute to our clients’ profitability.”

Established in 1988, Barker Ross quickly established a reputation as one of the UK’s leading construction and industrial specialists. The group has become one of the first ports of call for clients needing temporary and contract staff in areas such as food processing, agriculture, property and energy.

The group also includes Cardea, a recruitment business serving the health and social care sectors.

A new website has also been launched, in addition to a redesign for all the company’s offices and communications.

Ross continues: “We’ve got a new look and a new structure, this is a very exciting time for us. As well as achieving more success with our established business, we can also see opportunities in related sectors and have concrete plans to expand our office network.”

“We are constantly on the lookout for new people to join, as our growing reputation is winning us many new clients and we need the best people to join our new teams.”

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