Wednesday, 11 April 2012

CIPHR extolls the virtues of “Onboarding”

Series of activities demonstrate how to get the best from new hires

Computers In Personnel (CIPHR), a leading supplier of HR Software, Payroll, Absence and Recruitment Solutions, is dedicating a whole week to address and explain the issues surrounding Onboarding. Activities will include:

Monday May 14th - a new video depicting the topic of Onboarding

Tuesday May 15th - a second video walking viewers through the CIPHR solution for Onboarding

Wednesday May 16th - topical infographic showing the employee lifecycle

Thursday May 17th - white paper to download from the website covering the main issues around Onboarding and how they can be addressed

Friday May 18th 9.30am/2.30pm - free webinar hosted by CIPHR dealing with the issues covered over the course of the week and answering participants’ questions

Effective Onboarding is crucial because the decision to stay in a new job is usually made within the first 6 months and replacing an employee in the first year of their employment is known to cost organisations upwards of twice their annual salary. One of the most quoted reasons for people leaving their employment is lack of “cultural adaptation”. This can be addressed through the Onboarding process and starts from the moment the acceptance letter pops through the door.

Speaking about the week’s events, Chris Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel, says, “Onboarding is something that all organisations do whether they know it or not. Some do it very well and others barely scratch the surface of what is necessary. The week that we have planned delivers a whole range of information that will help anyone who is struggling with the issues of getting the best from their new hires. It will show how to deliver knowledge and key details to them quickly and effectively, even before their first day of work. That way, when they start they are already ahead of the game!”

Computers In Personnel (CIPHR) is a leading supplier of HR Software, Payroll, Absence and Recruitment Solutions. It has been supplying best of breed people management solutions for over 26 years and remains one of the most established and trusted providers in the UK.

Every day, some of the UK's largest and most respected organisations, small businesses, charities, and public sector bodies rely on CIPHR to effectively manage their employee data. It provides a unique breed of sophisticated, integrated HR software solutions that can help organisations achieve their business goals.

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