Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Centrix Software and Juriba join forces to help enterprises design and deploy Windows 7 projects, faster

Innovative desktop transformation solutions reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of architecting desktop change

Centrix Software, a leading provider of workspace computing solutions, today announced a technology alliance with Juriba, a global developer of business intelligence solutions for enterprise desktop transformation.

The alliance brings together the most comprehensive workspace analytics solution from Centrix Software with the leading desktop project management solution from Juriba, to enable large enterprises to significantly reduce the costs and time involved in architecting, planning and deploying desktop migration projects.

Working together, Centrix Software and Juriba will enable large enterprises to reduce manual processes involved in migrations and desktop change by up to 60 per cent. Their solutions provide IT decision-makers with advanced reporting and analysis capabilities, enabling them to discover software and hardware rationalization opportunities, identify areas for compatibility testing and improve IT efficiency in faster time.

“With support for Microsoft’s Windows XP platform ending on 8th April 2014, many organizations are looking at how to orchestrate their migration strategies to Windows 7 in the most efficient way,” said Paul Burke, director of products at Centrix Software. “By joining forces with Juriba, we are helping enterprises streamline project planning and deployment and adopt a smarter, leaner approach to desktop change.”

“Working with enterprises, we recognize the pain points involved in large-scale transformation projects,” said Barry Angell, CTO at Juriba. “Our solution combined with Centrix Software’s analytics offering gives organizations the vital data that enables them to make more informed decisions quickly and reduce the complexity of their IT environments going forward. As a result they have a more competitive technology capability and the business benefits from new technologies in faster time.”

Centrix Software and Juriba will provide integrated support for their desktop transformation solutions Centrix WorkSpace and Dashworks respectively. The solutions enable organizations to understand and rationalize IT assets and project manage desktop environments at a user level. The partnership provides companies with a complete solution to get from their current desktop and application estate to a new, standardized and efficient platform in the fastest time, at lowest risk and cost.

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