Thursday, 9 June 2011

Are you engaging your staff?

Franchise business activitymix has seen a growing demand for corporate employee engagement programmes since it launched back in 2003.

“The key developments are having fun with the team and the importance of the relationships people have with their colleagues. Their significance has increased and are they now primary drivers of engagement,” says Jules Lancastle of activitymix.

A business with locations in London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, activitymix has retained 80% of its clients year-on-year. The company is using this success to expand across the UK through a franchise business expansion model.

activitymix works with global brands including Shell, BP, BarclaysCapital, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Companies invest in activitymix’s annual Corporate Decathlon engagement programme. Over 20,000 people have participated since launch. Participation rates within individual client organizations are increasing.

Founders Jules Lancastle and Richard Johnston see their retention rate as an indication of good market analysis and excellence in service delivery. “We work hard to protect our business model,” says Jules. “We offer an exciting business option for future Franchise Partners with a desire to combine sport with business objectives.”

Through sports and team-orientated activities, activitymix encourages employee engagement. They asked engagement specialist Peter Wilde to review recent research. He was commissioned to develop a model to reflect the new relationship between what are described as: “recognised drivers of engagement” and the profitability of a business.

Gordon Fraser, Partner at activitymix Edinburgh, believes effective employee engagement is becoming a key priority for businesses, leading to an increase in demand for this type of outsourced service. "This research formally acknowledges what I've found anecdotally over the last year,” he says.

“Engagement in some form or another is the hot issue. Business advisers estimate the cost of replacing staff who resign to be around a year's salary. In this environment companies know that retention through engagement is the way forward which is good news for our franchise partner network."

activitymix sees positive connections between sport and physical activity among work colleagues, and bottom line benefits. It knows the importance of fun in the workplace in this new and challenging corporate landscape. for more details.

(EDITOR: Of course, an employer must also take into consideration the physical needs of staff members who are disabled or who have health problems that limit their abilities to participate in sporting events. Or risk such staff members feeling isolated and thus vulnerable, as this could have a general negative impact on not only themselves but also on colleagues, too.)

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