Tuesday, 21 June 2011

FeaturesExec Media Database enhanced with help of the PR community

Daryl Willcox Publishing, the company that connects PR professionals and journalists, has enhanced the FeaturesExec Media Database to create a simpler and more personalised website allowing users to target contacts faster.

Following consultation with the PR community, FeaturesExec has been significantly improved with a new look and functionality.

In addition to clearer navigation across the site, time-saving functions have been introduced:

• Sector Search: Build quick press lists with an improved sector search.

• Breadcrumbs: Search results are remembered; navigate away from results and back again in an instant.

• Recently Viewed: Dashboard links to recently viewed data.

• Most Viewed: Quick links to most popular personal searches.

"FeaturesExec is constantly evolving based on feedback from our users - the new site has been designed to make things easier and help people get more done," said Daryl Willcox, Chairman of Daryl Willcox Publishing. "The aim is to make it simple, personal and effective. We are always looking at ways of improving our services and continue to update them directed by suggestions from the PR community."

www.featuresexec.com helps media professionals work more efficiently when communicating with journalists. It gives PRs access to over 10,000 media outlets, 40,000 editorial contacts and 100,000 forward features.

The introduction of user-based log-ins earlier this year adds to the personalised experience of FeaturesExec. PR professionals can now assign an 'owner' to information stored, which allows teams to see who is responsible for which press list, forward feature profile or campaign. Owners are automatically assigned to any notes, lists and profiles added. Owners can be reassigned as required and full ownership history is recorded, helping users to track ongoing campaigns more efficiently.


Daryl Willcox Publishing (www.dwpub.com) provides information services for people in journalism, public relations and marketing. Launched in 1997, the company connects media professionals to create opportunities for timely, relevant press coverage. Products include the Response Source Journalist Enquiries System, SourceWire and Response Source press release wires, the Freelance Journalist Directory and the FeaturesExec Media Database. Over 2,500 companies use Daryl Willcox Publishing's media relations services, including around 120 of the top 150 PR companies. The services are used by tens of thousands of journalists.

(EDITOR: Just when you think they could not improve on perfection, Daryl and the team do this and go one better! If you are a journalist or PR professional who doesn't use a Daryl Willcox Publishing service, do yourself a favour. Sign up today.)

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