Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cambridge-based tax and accountancy specialists expand into Australia

With a steady stream of people moving to Australia from England and vice versa, Websters are pleased to announce the opening of their new offices in Australia.

The purpose of their new Sydney-based office is to advise individuals and businesses who are migrating from the UK to Australia, or from Australia to the UK, on the sometimes quite complicated tax and financial issues that may affect them and their businesses.

In charge of the office he office will be Joanne Lamberth, who is one of Websters’ senior tax consultants, who was originally based in the Cambridge HQ of the firm.

She will be assisted by Dale Winckel, who will be bringing her experience and expertise in sales and marketing to the firm and focusing on further business development.

Websters chose the North Shore, Sydney for their new business as it is a primarily residential area with a high ratio of expat home owners who, they feel, would benefit from their services.

But they point out that with a registered office in the central business district of Sydney, other areas of the city still remain within reach.

Chief Executive, Andrew Webster, who has recently returned from visiting Australia where he has overseen the opening of the new office points out:: “The UK practice has been advising Australian clients from our Cambridge base for the last fifteen years. During the last year, Joanne Lamberth, one of our senior tax consultants, has worked hard to develop this new office and business in Australia.

“Joanne migrated to Australia and chose the North Shore of Sydney as her new family home, so is well versed in the opportunities and issues that UK ‘expats’ will experience. She and Dale will be working alongside our experienced international tax team in Cambridge. We already use this approach very successfully with our office in France. To extend the business and open our first office outside Europe is a really exciting development for Websters.”

Joanne comments: “I have been based in Sydney myself for a while now, so I know from first-hand experience that to give effective advice to clients you need to have not only a detailed knowledge of both countries’ tax systems, but more importantly expertise in how tax systems between countries interrelate. Dale and I bring such expertise to the team and we are looking forward to working together with our clients to expand websters Australia.”

FACTFILE: As well as their Cambridge HQ and their Australian office they also have a presence in France. and France. The firm was founded in 1990 and they offer advice to individuals, businesses and corporations, with, as one would expect, a special emphasis on tax issues including international issues. Their team includes tax consultants, accountants, a solicitor, a company secretary and financial advisers, who work alongside a small team of software developers.

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