Monday, 13 June 2011

SociView™, the first social media mapping tool is launched

SociView™, said to be the first social-media-mapping tool to give organisations a true view of their global social-media real estate, is now available.

Its aim is to support organisations in organising their social-media landscape to instil 'best practice' and generate sales opportunities. Founder Chris Sykes, Chief Executive of Volume Ltd, worked closely with large international concerns to address issues arising from marketing across social channels and identified a lack of social-media tools in their portfolios. Whilst in beta mode SociView™ was used to help a number of Fortune 500 companies attain visibility across their social universe.

“The concept of SociView™ is simple: just ask yourself how many social-media accounts your company has. Where are they, who owns them and how effective are they? Are they representative of your brand and do they have a positive or negative influence? SociView™ answers all these questions”, said Sykes.

SociView™ collates a company’s social accounts and instances into a single dashboard. These instances are categorised, ranked and rated to show brand relevance and impact.

SociView™ categorises each instance, as “official”, “endorsed”, “unofficial” or “other”. A custom-developed “Sociscore” is automatically applied to show how each instance is performing.

Users can benchmark their social accounts against each other to establish best practices, compliance and corporate governance. SociView™ also measures performance against competitors’ social accounts.

The ability to easily assess the quality and effectiveness of company-owned social-media instances gives marketing executives greater control and influence on messaging and content.

Alan Rutherford, current Chairman and Global President of the International Advertising Association and Chairman of Volume Ltd, is the chief advocate of SociView™: “One of the key benefits of SociView™ is its ability to deliver a top-level view of an organization’s social-media landscape for CMOs whilst still enabling marketing executives to drill down to obtain granular detail.”

Key benefits of SociView™

Organizing social-media real estate

“If you look at your current social-media presence, it’s a bit like a swarm of hornets buzzing around. SociView™ brings order, effectively turning the random and uncontrolled spontaneity of social media into a productive and efficient line of worker ants. SociView™ helps you to consolidate and optimise your ‘sociverse’. Switch off the poor-performing accounts and invest in those that perform well and have a thriving and growing community,” said Sykes.

Instilling best practice and compliance across company-owned social instances

The Sociscore rating algorithm helps an organisation set quality and compliance benchmarks for social accounts and instances. Bringing all the accounts into line enables marketing executives to promote best practice across an organization. SociView™ can also create structure around the ownership and development of accounts, whilst ensuring corporate governance and benchmarking against competitor accounts. The Sociscore algorithm is calculated from four parameters common across mainstream social networks: relevance, activity, influence and visibility.

Opening up sales channels

With most leading organizations turning to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. to generate brand awareness and sales opportunities, SociView™ helps businesses and organisations coordinate their messages and communications across all their “official” and “endorsed” instances, like partner-owned social-media real estate.

If revenues are down in a specific product or area, organisations can use SociView™ to focus on promoting the benefits of that product or service through the most visible and influential social channels. Going further, it can also uncover brand advocates and influencers who can assist in generating sales opportunities.

With a number of social-media listening and execution tools available in the market, SociView™ has been developed to offer a unique and complementary set of features.

“Listening tools are essential in today’s digital environment, but they are a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. With SociView™, you know every horse in your stable and can train them to perform as you’d expect them to perform,” said Sykes.

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