Monday, 13 June 2011

Don't know how much conflicts cost you? You have no excuse! Say experts

An appalling 99% of businesses do not know how much conflict is costing their bottom line! This is the extraordinary worrying claim by experts at CMP Resolutions.

The figure of £33 billion is often cited as the cost to the UK of workplace conflict. And everyone has horror stories about the costly impact of the day-to-day conflict in their workplace.

Yet 99% of HR managers cannot not put a figure on what conflict is costing their organisation. HR managers are under more pressure than ever to think and work strategically and understand the business impact of the work they do. Yet, as Katherine Graham Managing Director of CMP Resolutions points out: “I’ve never met an employer who can tell me the cost of conflict to their business. HR may be aware of the human costs but they haven’t taken the next step and put a value on this.”

Now there is no excuse for UK’s businesses to remain in innocence of the damage conflict does to their bottom line.

On 15 June CMP launch the Conflict Profile™ tool; a confidential online tool which finally gives employers a clear financial breakdown of where they are losing money on conflict. In addition, the Conflict Profile™ evaluates the cost-effectiveness of the dispute resolution processes an employer may have put in place.

By entering data that most HR professionals will already have available to them, employers can now benchmark themselves against their peers, and establish KPI measures for their conflict performance.

The Conflict Profile™ uncovers new metrics to enable employers to improve their overall business performance. Taking a new approach to conflict data reveals the degree to which employers are making the most of the investments they have made to limit the cost of conflict, and what future changes will deliver the best return on investment.

A White Paper on why having a Conflict Profile™ makes good business sense is available from CMP Resolutions’ website.

Employers wanting to establish their own Profile can do this at or by contacting CMP Resolutions on 0844 504 8874 or

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