Thursday, 30 June 2011

How does your business cope with the flow of information to your potential customers?

Information used to move slowly, through traditional advertising, traditional journalists; from printing press onto paper, into the shops, onto the billboards and then to your customers. Now it's around the world in a second, and back again!

And it's not through traditional journalists either: your customers are out there right now, all over the marketplaces, speaking to each other about your products: recommending, reviewing, ranting and raving.

And they're talking about your competitors, too. And as soon as your competitor offers something better, something faster, cheaper, bigger, smaller, more colourful, who knows what, those very same customers are suddenly the mouthpieces and champions of your nemesis!

This information also moves around the online marketplace faster, a lot faster in fact, than a speeding bullet.

As an online retailer, the question you need to ask yourself is: Am I in a position to respond to customer trends in a world where information travels this fast?

If your retail technology doesn't have the customer at its very core, then sadly the answer is no.

Your internal philosophy has the customer at its heart, right? If you don't have a system that equally does, prepared for and empowering the growth you deserve, then what's the point?

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