Sunday, 19 June 2011

How to write and submit press releases that will get published as stories

The second in its series of free PR case-studies titled “The Biggest PR Mistakes of All Time” has been published by The PR Training Centre and can be downloaded free of charge at

Publication of this new PR Mistakes study has been timed to coincide with a Creative Writing for Public Relations Workshop to be held on Monday 27th of June in Covent Garden, London.

‘The press release is the basic tool of communication for PR people,’ says co-founder and principal presenter at The PR Training Centre Jacqui Green. ‘But ask any journalist what they think of the releases that cross their desktop every day and most will roll their eyes in despair.

“Now Richard Milton, an experienced professional journalist has provided some clear tips for PR people on how to write a press release – and Milton’s advice is not just the usually recycled banal tips – in fact I think even some seasoned PR pro’s may be surprised. The new case study can be downloaded from our website at

The Biggest PR Mistakes series will cover some of the most memorable PR disasters of recent years including Coke and Dasani Water, the McDonalds libel case, Bennetton’s designer advertisements, Perrier’s purity problems and Polaroid’s failure to come to terms with digital photography.

Says Jacqui Green, “Publication of ‘Five Common Mistakes in press release writing’ has been timed to coincide with our Creative Writing for Public Relations Workshop, which will next be presented in our Covent Garden centre on Monday 27th of June when we will be reviewing best practice not just for writing press releases but for every form of marketing and PR communication from writing website copy to brochures and case studies through to producing compelling editorial features and pay-per-click ads.”

Author of the Biggest PR Mistakes series, Richard Milton is a co-founder of The PR Training Centre and is the author of six books including 'Bad Company', which was chosen by The Sunday Times as its Business Book of the Week, and the management handbook 'Do Your Own PR'.

Over the past seven years, PR experts at The PR Training Centre have trained delegates from companies that include; Carlton TV, Morgan Stanley, Associated Newspapers, British Red Cross, EMAP, Institute of Directors, Merril Lynch, BBC World Service, AstraZeneca, Wilkinsons, British Holidays, Southwest Trains, Campaign for Real Ale, Konica-Minolta, Arena Leisure, World Television, Oyezstraker, BOSE, Lichtenstein Lottery, Which? and Virgin Money.

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