Thursday, 18 August 2011

Smallest, flattest and most versatile gps tracker in the world

Izon247 are pleased to announce the beta release of the world's smallest, most covert gps tracker tthat is commercially available. At 55% smaller than it's nearest competitor the unit is perfect for tracking almost any asset or individual.

The unit incorporates gps, gsm and rf and yet it measures just 45mm x 45mm x 9mm including battery.

"we wanted to create a device that was versatile and extremely functional yet simple to operate and cost effective enough for both commercial and consumer markets" Lee Walkey Head of international sales.

"We have had clients waiting on this product for nearly 2 years now and the applications are surprisingly unique. From waste bins to weapons, the technology is paving the way for almost anyone to protect their assets, stock and even loved ones. Imagine companies like Pc world and Currys being able to knock on people's doors after the recent riots and ask for their stock back? That's what this device will enable people to do. Of course, not without proper police assistance, also!"

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