Saturday, 6 August 2011

Now you and your staff don't have to struggle! New Power-Trolley watches your back!

The new range of motorised, battery powered truck and trolleys from UK-based manufacturer Handle-It Ltd can increase all safety and productivity at the same time.

The “Trolley Power” range of power assisted trolleys and trucks make the constant moving of loads in excess of 500kg on a variety of surfaces and gradients easier and safer in an industrial setting.

Users of powered trucks and trolleys benefit from increased accessibility of being able to move heavy loads easily, with lower levels of fatigue and risk from back injuries, or exacerbating existing back problems.

Benefits for a company includes greater productivity as well as reducing time and money lost through staff injury issues, reduced risk of adverse publicity, damage to reputation, and potential civil liability costs.

Handle-It Managing Director Daniel Farrar says “these new power assisted platform trucks take the strain and risk out of heavy work, and are really easy for all to operate. The only struggle you’ll have is to find a good reason not to use them”.

The new powered trolley and truck range have a 500 kg capacity, and are available in a variety of bed sizes, handle and side styles. Safe operation and control are enhanced by a hand pressure based speed control system, an emergency stop brake, maximum and minimum speed settings, battery discharge indicator and auto reverse alarm.

Each powered trolley and truck comes with a 5 year chassis warranty and a 12 month warranty on the power units and drive. Bespoke powered truck and trolley models are also available.

The use of powered trucks and trolleys in the workplace for repeated moving of heavy loads conforms to HSE recommendations for using lifting and handling aids to reduce the risk of back and other injuries.

Devon-based Handle-It have been truck and trolley manufacturing specialists for many years with a strong and loyal UK customer base and over 5000 customers worldwide.

For more information call Sales Team at Handle-It Ltd on 01803 814522 or visit

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