Sunday, 7 August 2011

Matthew Walne, Earns Registered Life Planner® Designation from the Kinder Institute of Life

The Kinder Institute of Life Planning has announced that Matthew Walne, who is the founder of Leicestershire-based Santorini Financial Planning Ltd, has earned the prestigious Registered Life Planner (“RLP®) designation.

Earning this dedication requires a strong commitment to the financial planning profession, completion of a five-day residential training program, and a six-month practicum involving peer review with mentor coaching and supervision.

The Kinder Institute’s mission is to teach planners and advisers the relationship skills and methodology of Life Planning. Life planning is the human side of financial planning. Life planning seeks to discover the deepest and most profound goals of a client through a process of listening and inquiry.

Then, using a mix of professional and relationship skills the experienced life planner, along with the client, resolves obstacles to the client’s goals, creates a plan, and guides the client to the accomplishment of their goals.

George Kinder is the founder of the Life Planning movement, a visionary concept that seeks to find ways to help people discover and understand their core life values. Values –not just money– must be the true focus of financial planning. Mr. Kinder was named in 2005 as one of the 25 Most Important People in Financial Planning.

Matthew Walne, who has established a reputation as a competent and caring planner, believes that people often are afraid to walk alone into the future. He says, “Life Planners stand beside their clients, and provide guidance and support where and when it is most needed. As Life Planners we genuinely care about the human being beside us and give people awareness and permission to live life to the fullest.”

Although the concept of the life planning is becoming increasingly popular in the media, Matthew issues a note of caution. He feels that most advisers who use the term 'life planning' are only using it as a sales tool.

It is, he opines, of vital importance to find someone who has the proper education and training because you are dealing with people’s emotions and dreams. That can be a dangerous combination in unskilled hands.

Santorini Financial Planning Ltd, established in 2011, is an independent Financial Adviser specialising in financial life planning and fee-based wealth management.

For more information on Santorini Financial Planning Ltd e-mail Additional information on the Kinder Institute of Life Planning can be found on their website at

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