Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New research points out how emerging changes in the work-place are impacting commercial property decisions

Port@l’s Managing Director John Gotley
Birmingham-based Port@l, leaders in delivering space and infrastructure solutions, has commissioned an independent white paper that assesses how, technology, Government initiatives and the mitigation of risk is changing the attitude of companies towards commercial property and the work-place.

Aimed at Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Property professionals and Human Resource executives, ‘The Changing Workplace’ examines current and future trends in property and accommodation acquisition and how corporations are reacting to these changes.

The research covers a range of topics such as, flexible working, age, gender, technology, green initiatives and alternative work places.

Port@l’s Managing Director John Gotley said: “Historically the elements that determine commercial property decisions have remained unchallenged and the process of obtaining new accommodation predictable. Organisations have had two choices, own property or sign long lease agreements. However as the country emerges from recession there has been a major shift in the property landscape.

"Accommodation procurement is no longer dominated by the supply side; myriad factors are now playing a part in corporate decision making that go way beyond the simplistic process of determining location, size and price per square foot.”

Gotley Continues, “We have commissioned this paper to assist senior executives understand how these emerging influences, that include; technology, and communications, work-life balance, demography and alternative methods of property provisioning, may impact their future accommodation strategies.”

The paper was written by Helen Hide-Wright, a freelance independent researcher specialising in commercial projects, who previously worked at Leeds Metropolitan University where she was involved in researching, writing and producing commercial reports used within the banking sector to influence investment decisions.

To obtain a copy of the white paper visit: www.portal-centres.com/whitepapers.html

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