Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vodafone UK calls time on call charges for small businesses

- Talk and text as much as you want, get a free landline number on your mobile and loads of internet with Red Business, our best ever value plan for small business

- Unlimited calls and texts plus One Net Express, to make sure your business never misses a vital call, from £34.17 (ex VAT) a month

- Add Vodafone Data Sharer and share internet between devices Vodafone UK is launching Red Business, its best ever value plan for small business, bringing unlimited voice, text and a landline number to your mobile, plus loads of internet.

Vodafone pioneered mobile phone calling in the UK when it launched the first commercial service back in 1985. Since then phones have got smaller and smarter and new services have been introduced to make working on the move even easier, but talking is still a crucial part of doing business.

Now Vodafone is giving small businesses the ability to talk to their clients, customers and colleagues for as long as they need to without worrying about the cost. Businesses also get a landline on their mobile with Vodafone One Net Express included in the plan, ensuring they won’t miss a vital call whether they’re in or out of the office.

One Net Express helps small businesses change the way they work. It gives them a virtual landline number that goes straight through to their mobile phone. There’s no installation and the service comes with a host of additional features you wouldn’t normally get with a landline – such as a single voicemail inbox for all mobile and landline calls, free call forwarding and hunt groups, so you can be sure someone in your organisation always answers.

Red Business is available from £34.17 (ex. VAT) a month, and includes unlimited calls and texts, a landline number on your mobile plus 1GB of internet. For businesses looking to enjoy even more internet, Red Business Data includes a massive 2GB for just £38.33 (ex. VAT) a month. Both are available from 7 September.

For just an additional £5 a month, small businesses can also include Vodafone Data Sharer, a new service that allows you to share your internet among multiple devices at the same time. It allows you to be more productive on more devices when you are on the move. The new service also means that you only have to manage one single internet plan but you can share it among up to three devices.

Enterprise Director Peter Kelly said: “Talking has always been crucial to doing business and in today’s economic climate staying in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers is more important than ever. That’s why we’re bringing unlimited calls and our One Net Express service together in Red Business. It’s the perfect plan for small businesses: unlimited calls, texts and loads of internet plus a virtual landline for your mobile phone so you’ll never miss a vital call.”

Unlimited means unlimited

Red Business offers unlimited calls to all UK mobiles – not just other Vodafone mobiles – and standard UK landlines, with no restrictions on how long a customer can talk or how many people they call.

For further information (from today, 7 September) visit

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