Sunday, 16 September 2012

Comufy’s Social CRM lets brands use Facebook Notifications to re-engage app users and increase ROI from apps

Social media marketing software company, Comufy, is the first company to integrate Facebook’s new Notifications function to a Social CRM system. Comufy has developed, as part of its social media marketing platform, a way for brands to send personalised messages to large numbers of Facebook app users, to notify them when their favourite apps have new content or offers that are relevant to them. This helps brands re-engage app users, and gives apps more longevity (and therefore deliver better ROI).

If you use an app on Facebook, the chances are that over time, you’ll stop using it, either because you forget about it, or because you don’t know if or when it’s been updated with content that’s relevant to you. Facebook is constantly seeking ways to create greater value for marketers from its platform, while retaining integrity with its app users. At the end of August, Facebook took a major step forward in helping marketers drive customer re-engagement, by launching Notifications API. This lets app owners send a message to customers, which appears in the notifications area at the top of your Facebook page. Comufy is the first company to develop a scalable Notifications service for brands: it lets app owners send personalised messages to large numbers of customers to alert them to new app content, features or offers that might interest them.

The Notification service is part of Comufy’s Social Suite, a social media marketing platform that captures and stores customer data (with permission) in a social CRM database, when the user signs up to the app. This data is then made available to marketers for analysis, segmentation and to create targeted, personalised messages.

“It’s pretty hard to ignore the little red notification number at the top of your Facebook page,” says Phil Mohr, Comufy’s CEO. “If you can re-engage customers by telling them when you’ve got something that’s really relevant to them, then the app has a longer lifespan, which increases its value to the brand. The real beauty of the Comufy system is the information marketers will be able to get from their customers – what they like, what they don’t like, and what content keeps them coming back. It gives a social media campaign much higher value and strategic importance.”

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