Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CloudApps suits and boots fifty Planet Positive customers on its sustainability platform

CloudApps, the multi award-winning provider of sustainability performance management solutions, has moved 50 of Planet Positive’s customers onto its platform. CloudApps’ software is now helping companies like GMI Construction, FREM Group and Claremont Group Interiors to accurately chart and reduce their corporate carbon footprints.

Onboarding Planet Positive’s global network of 200 customers proved not to have been an issue for CloudApps during the software implementation. The sustainability software provider uses the Force.com cloud platform from salesforce.com to deliver its solutions and the successful roll out of the software to 50 companies illustrates the speed and flexibility of both the core sustainability product and the underlying cloud computing platform.

Peter Grant, CEO CloudApps, is looking forward to seeing the effect of CloudApps’ technology on Planet Positive’s customers. “Companies across the world acknowledge Planet Positive’s certification process as one of the most stringent. The rewards which come from being Planet Positive certified enables businesses to enhance their brands. CloudApps is proud to be powering the process across a global portfolio of customers, responding to the need for a fast roll out speed on a large scale.”

Steve Malkin, CEO and Founder of Planet Positive, believes all of its customers will be integrated on the CloudApps’ platform by the end of this year: “Planet Positive certification is designed to be fast, affordable, and accessible. CloudApps’ speed and flexibility has been demonstrated by the uptake of 50 customers within the first two months. Our objective is to enable every business to experience the benefits of sustainability as soon as possible.”

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