Monday, 20 February 2012

Umbrella Company Tarpon Offer An Ultimate Employment Solution To All Contractors

Tarpon, an umbrella company specialising in contractor tax efficiency, offer what it describes as a robust business model that it is strong enough to handle any employment and legislative issues. Due to Tarpon’s due diligence they have always worked towards offering their employees a genuine employment solution, whilst remaining best in class within the umbrella industry.

By offering unrivalled contractor services, Tarpon provide the following benefits for all it's contractors:

~ Employing contractors on a full time (35 hour) permanent employment contract (Not a zero / minimum hours contract like alternative providers)

~ Providing both statutory and additional employment benefits in an appropriate manner (When contractors go on holiday, Tarpon provide a payroll as normal)

~ Providing a market leading pension to contractors (Through Standard Life)

~ Making available a comprehensive expenses policy (HMRC approved)

~ NOT charging fees to simply be employed but sharing the profits generated per contract

~ Providing 4 week notice periods if and when contractors choose to leave

~ Giving contractors access to in house tax specialists, accountants, marketers to assist with their personal career plans

This is one of the reasons why Tarpon did not need to amend any part of its operating procedures to accommodate the recent Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) legislation which came into force in October 2011. This is also why so many agencies in 2011 chose to work with Tarpon as a “safe pair of hands”.

A spokesperson from Tarpon comments: “We understand the complexities involved when dealing with tax and HMRC compliance and are proud to be able to provide contractors and agencies with useful advice surrounding potential employment law and tax challenges.”

Discover what your take home pay will be with Tarpon by using their online contractor salary calculator. Or speak to one of their experts, by calling 0800 434 6402 within the UK.

Tarpon is an umbrella company specialising in contractor tax efficiency, enabling contractors to maximise their income and streamline their admin.

Tarpon UK Ltd,
Unit 12,
Tivoli House,
Wigmore Park Centre,
LU2 9XG,
tel: 0800 434 6402


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