Sunday, 26 February 2012

Start Out In Overseas Property Investment From Just £4,000

'Experience property ownership' has been developed with Barrasford & Bird Worldwide to give first time buyers more confidence and protection when looking to get into the overseas property market.

Experience ownership means investors actually have bricks and mortar fractional ownership providing five star properties at a low entry price. For example until March 1st, this can be purchased at our French Château de la Cazine from just £4,000.

UK property prices are still near their lowest, but high mortgage deposits and strict qualifying criteria makes the UK property market still very difficult for first time investors to get into. With an opportunity to purchase a slice of French property from £4,000, overseas Experience Ownership with Barrasford & Bird Worldwide couldn't be easier and achievable.

In return of investment, purchasers will become part-owners in their development of choice. The investments works at either you staying in your property free of charge for one week every year, or, place your week into the rental pool and generate a guaranteed annual return. The rental guarantee/ personal usage option will remain in effect for ten years.

Easy payment terms are available allowing owners to spread the cost of their investment over a twelve month period, interest free for only a small amount each month.

Generating the high returns you would expect from a traditional purchase, coupled with a guaranteed entry strategy- this unique opportunity means you can begin to use your property or generate returns from year one.

"The perfect opportunity for a first time investor and an essential addition to any successful property portfolio," said Robin Barrasford, Developer.

"We currently have access to a number of experience ownership properties through Barrasford & Bird Worldwide. Full and fractional ownership options are also available at our Resorts."

Visit  or call 0800 1 303 101.

(EDITOR: That's Business recommends seeking expert legal advice before making any investment decisions.)

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