Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WeCanDo.Biz Version 2 introduces new sales leads tool for Twitter

WeCanDo.BIZ Limited, the online business network for sales leads and referrals, has released version 2 of its website with a new tool for finding sales leads on Twitter. The new website is at

The Sales Leads tool works by automatically filtering 'Tweets', the posts submitted by Twitter's 175 million users, that contain 'intent' – that is, they describe a need or contain a specific request for a product or service, so identify a potential customer. Examples include "We need a local accountant urgently" to "Who can recommend someone to print up some brochures for us?"

WeCanDo.Biz provides the Sales Leads tool as a leads discovery service for small businesses, presenting all potential leads on a single web page, with location filtering, reply and connect options. All posts on Twitter are searched, regardless of whether users are connected or not.

"Twitter is producing sales leads every day," says Ian Hendry, CEO of WeCanDo.Biz. "The challenge has always been finding them amongst all that noise. Our Sales Leads tool pinpoints the opportunities and presents them all on one page so they can be easily progressed and tracked. It takes small businesses straight to the person who needs what they offer. We expect small companies to use it as an alternative to expensive advertising or cold calling."

Many Twitter users 'crowd-source' for suppliers as an alternative to sifting through thousands of pages of results from Google search or listings in directories. The human, contextual nature of the conversations that come from a 'Tweeted' request on Twitter are considered by many as much a more valuable service than hundreds of pages of automatically generated results or cold, static content.

Ian Hendry adds: "This new service from WeCanDo.Biz helps ensure potential sales leads hidden within the 140 million Tweets a day do not go unanswered and that the opportunities for businesses do not slip away."

In the beta period leading up to the Version 2 launch, the tool has discovered over a quarter of a million sales leads on Twitter for WeCanDo.Biz business users.

Also announced with the launch of the WeCanDo.Biz version 2 website is:

Media rich social profiles which act as a business card on the Social Web for small businesses, helping to win the confidence of new customers;
QR Codes which help in promoting businesses offline;
Location and industry specific online communities to enable easy connection and discussion with other business owners;
Private Networks which assist with online community collaboration between invited contacts;
Additional member benefits of free and discounted banking, insurance and other services essential to starting and operating a small business.

The Sales Leads tool for Twitter is available at and is free to use. An enhanced version with more lead discovery options is available to Pro users for £60 + VAT for 12 months access.

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