Sunday, 8 May 2011

Road or air parcel couriers. Which is best?

The fluctuating cost of oil is nothing new, but a recent surge in price has caused a knock-on effect which has – so far – been felt most keenly in the aviation industry.

While Shell shareholders celebrated a 41 percent rise in first quarter profits, airlines like Delta and US Continental Holdings responded to the rocketing price of oil by adding $420 of fuel surcharges on flights to and from the U.S and Europe.

Now Troon-based courier service, Parcels Please is urging money-savvy consumers to save by opting for land-based courier companies as opposed to stomaching the added cost of sending parcels by air.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Fuel surcharges have a knock-on impact to the cost of tickets as well as the cost of sending mail and parcels via air.

“Surcharges are at least 50% higher than they were three years ago so we can expect the cost of air-based courier services to rise.

“While some argue fuel surcharges are just another way for airlines to make money, as long as these companies can prove it is a reimbursement of costs, consumers just have to live with these price hikes.”

While the rising cost of crude oil has also seen a hike in the price at the petrol pumps, the jump has certainly not been as severe with the average cost of a litre of fuel rising by between 10 – 20p.

Speaking about the rise in petrol prices a spokesperson for Parcels Please said: “Road-based courier are used to minor fluctuations in prices at the pump so, unlike air couriers, are unlikely to adjust their prices dramatically, if at all.

“On top of this, the 1p per litre cut in fuel duty laid out in 2011's Budget as aimed to help keep businesses on the road.

“This means customers of companies like Parcels Please can still enjoy competitive and cheap parcel delivery to France and other UK and European destinations without having to worry about the soaring cost of oil.”

(EDITOR: Whilst this is of no benefit to people needing to send parcels to worldwide destinations (unless using slower sea freight is not an option)  it would certainly make sense to look at costs comparing air and road freight within Europe.)


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