Thursday, 5 May 2011

Call centres leave customers more contented than web

An analysis by ServiceTick provides new evidence that the personal service from call centres can deliver unanticipated benefits as compared to online customer management.

ServiceTick monitors customer satisfaction and NPS scores for brands using both online and IVR surveys. Analysing data across more than 150,000 surveys the company ( has identified that customer satisfaction (CSAT) and NPS scores are consistently higher when asked in an IVR survey generated at the end of conversation with a call agent.

By contrast scores from web-generated surveys produce lower scores. On average CSAT scores were 22 percentage points higher and NPS scores were 69 points higher when generated by IVR surveys.

Thomas Cowper Johnson, former director of brand at Norwich Union and now a director at ServiceTick commented: “We’ve looked at data over a sufficient period of time and a significant number of surveys and the evidence is there. Customers are more satisfied and more likely to recommend a brand when they have had human contact with a call agent.

"We’ve all experienced the frustration of a web process that doesn’t work but with that we have no way of sorting things out. A professional call agent can respond to issues and sort out problems on the spot, leaving the customer happier."

(EDITOR: Just so long as the call centre is locally-based and staffed with well-paid professionals who know their subject well.)

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