Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New independent research assesses financial trends within UK commercial property sector

Port@l, described as leaders in delivering innovative space and infrastructure solutions, has commissioned an independent white paper to help finance directors understand the current and future financial issues affecting the commercial property sector. Entitled ‘Finance – Property & Corporate Real Estate’, the research covers a range of topics such as investment, funding, valuation and managing debt.

Port@l’s Managing Director John Gotley commented, “The publication of the research comes at a time when the corporate property sector is undergoing considerable change. The last three years have seen a dramatic shift in the way finance professionals view property. Investing in commercial buildings is no longer the safe bet it used to be, values have plummeted by almost 45% since 2007 and changes in Empty Property Tax mean that portfolios containing a number of moth-balled buildings are becoming more visible on corporate balance sheets and P&L forecasts.”

Gotley continues, “To help clarify the situation, we have commissioned this paper to provide an assessment of where finance & corporate real estate sits today and how this may change as the economy slowly returns to growth.”

In particular the paper examines the role of the banks, access to funding, the pressure on European banks, debt within the property sector, the effect of Government spending cuts, The Asset Protection Scheme and also provides a glimpse of what the future holds.

The paper has been written by Helen Hide-Wright, a freelance independent researcher specialising in commercial research, who previously worked at Leeds Metropolitan University where she was involved in researching, writing and producing commercial reports used within the banking sector to influence investment decisions.

To obtain a copy of the guide visit: www.portal-centres.com/whitepapers.html

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