Thursday, 5 May 2011

When things go wrong, mediation may be the answer

CEDR Solve, Europe’s largest independent mediation service provider, announces it is dropping standard mediation support charges for clients. The saving for clients is possible because CEDR Solve feels there is now a good, broad understanding of the principles of mediation within the legal sector, meaning CEDR Solve’s Dispute Resolution Advisers generally no longer need to spend as much time informing its clients on the benefits of the process.

There will be no drop in the quality of the service that lawyers have come to expect from CEDR Solve, whether they are approaching one of its 40 direct group mediators, asking CEDR Solve to select a mediator for them, or asking for recommendations from the 132-strong CEDR Solve Panel of mediators for clients to choose from.

Gregory Hunt, director of CEDR Solve, said “Mediation has been around for long enough for us to see it incrementally increase in popularity, and we have seen levels of knowledge and skill amongst its users growing too. We are fortunate today that those who appoint mediators now normally have the confidence to do so with less assistance from our expert Dispute Resolution Advisers, and that represents a saving we have been able to pass on to our customers.”

Eileen Carroll, Deputy Chief Executive of CEDR and a senior CEDR Solve Mediator added, "I would like to pay testimony to the CEDR Solve Dispute Resolution Advisers who over the years have helped literally thousands of parties in dispute and their legal teams in the UK, Europe and around the world.”

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