Monday, 13 August 2012

Rail Engineers Rowe Hankins go Beyond the Solution at Innotrans

‘Beyond the Solution’ is the theme of the Rowe Hankins stand at Innotrans. The UK based rail systems engineers are showcasing their ability to design and deliver effective products that solve rail safety and engineering problems and provide continuing development and whole-life technical support. Examples of this on the stand will include a growing portfolio of wheel/track interface (WTI) products and NICS, their Non-intrusive Current Sensor for the early warning of electrical problems, as well as their range of world leading speed probes.

WTI products include iWFL, intelligent wheel flange lubrication system, for precise lubrication of wheel flanges. FALCON is the intelligent controller of the iWFL system that can be linked to the users preferred lubrication system. HAWKS is Rowe Hankins’ top of rail lubrication system used to counter the effects of rolling contact fatigue. These products have been developed in close collaboration with rail operators to ensure fitness for purpose and long term reliability.

The movement in the rail industry away from ‘find and fix’ to ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance requires more reliable non-intrusive measurement. The NIC361 Series Monitor meets this need with a device that detects variation in current with no direct effect on or physical contact with the power supply.

Rowe Hankins look forward to welcoming customers old and new with an exhibit to provoke discussion and show new ways to overcome technical challenges.

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