Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cygnia extends offering to customers with Gold Certification from Becrypt

IT Security specialist one of the first to be certified to implement Becrypt End Point Protection solutions

Cygnia, a specialist IT security solutions provider has achieved Gold certification from Becrypt for End Point Protection (EPP). Becrypt EPP provides a comprehensive package of cyber security solutions that protect commercial data held on PCs, laptops, tablets, USB devices, CDs/DVDs and other media with powerful encryption. The EPP suite also provides a comprehensive management console so that security for an organisation’s entire PC/laptop/tablet/handheld estate can be managed centrally. Cygnia is now certified to both resell Becrypt EPP and to provide implementation, consultancy and software engineering services to support the solution.

Jon Busfield, founder of Cygnia said; “We have been working with Becrypt since we set up the business five years ago. Their products have a good reputation and are well respected within the marketplace. Gold certification for Becrypt’s commercial product range will enable us to extend our business and provide additional services for our customers.”

Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt commented; “As the world becomes a more connected place with staff often needing to work while on the move, and the fact that cyber criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, so protecting sensitive data becomes even more important and more complex. {{Simply purchasing data security products, no matter how strong, is only part of the answer}}. The key to effective data security is in designing robust security procedures and implementing cyber security solutions that protect data but are sufficiently flexible that staff can still access the information they require to do their jobs.

“This has lead Becrypt to introduce greater depth to our formal certification process to ensure that high standards are maintained and our partners are able to provide extended services to their customers. Cygnia is one of the first partners to complete the certification process for Becrypt EPP, demonstrating their high level of commitment to this market.”

Cygnia is also a reseller for Becrypt’s enhanced solutions which are a range of products approved by CESG for use with all levels of Government data, right up to Impact Level 6 (TOP SECRET). Becrypt’s is the only software to be accredited for use at this high level.

Jon Busfield continued; “Being able to supply both commercial grade and government approved products from Becrypt, enables us to meet the demands of all of our clients from both public and private sectors.”

Becrypt EPP includes DISK Protect (full disk encryption), Removable media module (encryption for USBs and CDs/DVDs), Connect Protect (port control), Media Client (file encryption) and Becrypt Enterprise Manager (central management console)

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