Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Unique REACH 2013 Support Programme for SMEs

Industry leaders Chemical Watch, ReachCentrum and REACH Delivery combine to provide comprehensive and cost effective REACH support programme for chemical suppliers, distributors, resellers and end users worldwide

In line with the “REACH 2013 – Act Now!” campaign launched by the European Chemicals Agency to raise awareness of REACH with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), a unique industry initiative has been launched to provide SMEs with a series of high quality REACH support products and services from well-known providers, in a single, low-cost promotional ‘bundle’.

The REACH 2013 Support Bundle is a worldwide initiative from chemSIX, supported by industry leaders Chemical Watch, ReachCentrum and Reach Delivery and is designed to make it very easy and attractive for companies to get access to the best information, knowledge and support on a small budget. In addition, it stimulates SMEs to (re)start their projects early in 2012 which is necessary given the tight REACH deadlines of 2013.

The European Chemicals Agency recently launched its “REACH 2013 – Act Now!” campaign in September. As part of the campaign, ECHA strives to point SME to the requirements and tools that are available to help them comply with REACH.

Joost Dekker of chemSIX explains, "Because the first registration phase focused on substances produced or imported in high volumes, smaller companies have not been as heavily involved in the REACH process as the larger companies. In 2012-2013 this will radically change. Along the chemical supply chain, smaller companies (SMEs) will have to become more involved in REACH. Most of these companies have little experience in the REACH process and many might even be unaware of any risks to their business."

He added "Implementing REACH and CLP is a challenge, especially for smaller companies without staff departments and with limited resources. These companies typically have less time and money to spend on getting training and support. Our intention is to make more high quality support easily available online so that more companies can get better support at a lower cost."

The initiative comprises a series of products and services which have been packaged together in a one-time promotional ‘bundle’ to create a comprehensive, distance learning, support package for SMEs in the industry. The one-time price for the whole package is €1155 and is available to companies worldwide for a limited time only, expiring in mid-February 2012.

The unique package (the ‘Bundle’) is described in detail at www.reach2013bundle.com and includes:

• Online learning material – four eLearning modules from ReachCentrum to build up your knowledge about relevant aspects of REACH. Each company can learn at their own pace, whenever it suits them, from anywhere in the world.

• Up to date industry news & regulatory updates (a 12-month subscription to Chemical Watch) about REACH, CLP and related regulations, how regulations are developing inside and outside the EU, how industry is responding, how companies are implementing, how authorities are enforcing.

• Live webinars – three webinars from those available from ReachCentrum in 2012 with topics ranging from Basic Knowledge to Advanced Tool Support. These are provided from one of the industry's most knowledgeable sources and may be chosen according to each company’s needs.

• 12 months access to a web-based solution for REACH compliant MSDS delivery. Unlimited usage of REACH Delivery, an industry leading supply chain communication platform, throughout your company. This is provided with training, support and upgrades

• Expert Answers to your Questions – provided throughout the year by independent REACH experts. Timely advice is provided by trusted experts so that questions, about the implementation of REACH in each company’s specific situation, do not slow down their project.

Organisations can register for the one-time promotional ‘bundle’ immediately by visiting www.reach2013bundle.com. The bundle must be purchased before February 15, 2012; the components of the bundle will be provided during the 12 months from February 2012.

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