Monday, 19 December 2011

hybris launches hy:market to give its customers maximum business impact from its Commerce solutions

hybris, a leading provider of eCommerce and multichannel communication software, today announced the availability of hy:market to showcase the range of partner applications and value-added services available to hybris customers. The marketplace allows customers to configure add-on solutions, so-called hy:apps, that best suit their needs and vertical industries and to discover additional features and functions hybris’ partners can bring to their businesses.

Speaking about the launch of hy:market, Ariel Luedi, CEO of hybris, said; “hy:market is an important development for our customers, partners and ourselves. This marketplace brings to our customers unique integration opportunities by being able to access our partners’ hy:apps. hy:market adds value beyond our usual ISV partner program because it provides direct access to these recommended partner solutions. With all this information now available in one place, our customers can see the full scope of options available and are able to select any additional applications that are best suited to gain even more value from our hybris solutions.

"This will also enable our partners to maximise the benefits of their relationship with hybris.”
Using hy:market, customers can search from a list of recommended partners which are leading players in their markets. Selecting specific partners enables users to see details of integrations and applications, or common integration experience. These can help reduce project costs to meet the best fit to address individual customer needs.

"They further help to tune and optimize hybris solutions in order to increase revenue, customer experience and to support multichannel commerce and communication. hy:market covers applications in areas such as commerce, customer service, data management, payment, print, marketing, rich media, search, social media and many more.

hy:market can be accessed online at:

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