Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quasar Online Videos Help Improve Business Efficiency

Although, in the current challenging economic climate, many UK businesses may prefer to only sanction mandatory - compliance and regulatory - training for their staff, Quasar's Michael Shane believes that this strategy is one of false economy.

Shane, whose company has developed the Quasar 'Anytime' range of online video learning materials providing practical, on-going advice and guidance for those using Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, explained: "When you talk to businesses about 'training', they often say that, because economic times are hard, they're only budgeting for mandatory training.

"Yet, if they don't train their staff to be more productive and reduce inefficiencies - and they continue to employ those people - their work-based inefficiencies will proliferate! And, in the current economic climate especially, inefficient businesses are the ones that are most likely to go under."

In Shane's opinion, the Quasar Anytime online learning videos enable organisations - especially small businesses and budding entrepreneurs - to maintain these so called 'non-essential' training programmes, keep their skills current and buck the economic trend.

"Using Anytime, you can get more - and exceptionally valuable - information from your business by getting the best out of your standard Microsoft Office software, for example, via exploiting the numerous functions and options in Excel," Shane said.

He added: "If you're not sure what tools exist in the Office suite of products that enable you to get the business information you need, you can go to the Anytime library of online videos and browse the titles available. You'll be amazed at just what you can achieve - easily!

"In these harsh economic times, individuals and businesses need to do whatever it takes to survive and you'll be surprised just how much products like Excel and the Microsoft Office suite can help," he continued. "The thing is that people think they know how to use this software - but they don't - and they regard this type of training as non-essential.

"This means that, while most, if not all businesses, have these tools available, they remain unexploited. Using Quasar's Anytime online videos as part of an overall business strategy for growth is a cost-effective way to increase your skills and buck the trends.

"Let's face it, in this day and age, any help is worthwhile and, if it's inexpensive, that's a real bonus," he added.

According to Government figures, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for some 99.9 per cent of all UK enterprises; some 59.1 per cent of private sector employment and 48.6 per cent of private sector turnover.

Shane said: "These businesses are the backbone of the UK's economy and, increasingly, the people working in these businesses need computer literacy skills in order to survive in today's world. Through Anytime, Quasar can provide access to a learning method which is designed to help people develop and hone these skills - and improve their work efficiency."

Quasar is a training company that specialises in delivering end user IT training, along with customer services training. Early in 2011, it launched Anytime: a wide range of online videos delivering e-learning on the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 suites of products to businesses and individuals.

Further information: Linda Shane, Quasar, 08458 626265;

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