Monday, 10 October 2011

Do not give up on marketing and PR

Just because times might be a little tougher than we would like is not a reason or an excuse to stop marketing or promoting your business.

It's  always the first to go when a recession looms. The marketing budget is slashed, the PR spend is cut to ribbons. And everyone just waits for the next customer to waltz through the doors, pockets bulging with orders.

Here's some news for you. That will not happen. Because if you do not tell potential customers that you are still in business, if you do not get a Public Relations firm to help you blow your own trumpet, nobody else will!

Here is a story related to me by a friend who is an advertising manager for a small local publication: She had two clients, both in the same line of business. At the start of the recession one of the clients (Client A) listened to the siren call that he must stop spending money on advertising and marketing. And this is what he did.

The other client (Client B) continued to advertise, always managing to get just enough money together for an advert. Even if it might not always be the usual size, his advert was always there in the publication.

Client A met one of his customers in the street. He asked his customer if he required his services. His customer said: "Oh! Sorry! I gave my business to Client B. When I noticed you weren't advertising in the paper any more and I saw that he was still advertising, I assumed you'd gone out of business, so I went to him, instead."

There's an old adage in marketing. It says: "The man who beats the biggest drum makes the most noise and draws the most attention to his business."

So, what will you do? Put your drum away and hope that, almost by magic, people might find their way to your business? Or will you beat the drum and draw attention and customers to your business?

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