Wednesday, 21 March 2012

PayPal™ Launches The PayPal Access Prepaid MasterCard®

PayPal™ UK has launched a new payment card that lets customers spend and withdraw money from their PayPal account on the high street and everywhere that MasterCard is accepted around the world.

A PayPal Access Prepaid MasterCard® holder who receives a PayPal payment can spend or withdraw the money straight away with the card - there's no need to transfer it to a bank account*. The card holder has direct access to their available balance and can manage their card online via a simple single sign-in process.

Customers can also make instant 'tap and go' payments of up to £15 without entering a PIN, with the new MasterCard PayPass technology.

Apur Shah, Head of Consumer & Credit Products at PayPal, comments: "PayPal is becoming a great way to pay on the high street as well as online. The new Access Card gives our customers even more places to use PayPal, along with instant access to their PayPal balance. It will be a great option for businesses and other sellers on eBay and other websites."

Gilles Coccoli, Managing Director of PrePay Solutions, adds: "The new card is a highly integrated and innovative product that has been carefully developed to meet the needs of PayPal customers. The addition of the new MasterCard PayPass technology is a first for PayPal in the United Kingdom and gives users even greater convenience."

The PayPal Access Card is being offered to selected PayPal UK customers.


  1. Wow, I love this idea, great for businesses, great for the customer. I am in Canada, I hope it goes well in the UK so we can have a similar thing here too.
    The tap and go feature does bother me in general, surly if you have not got the time to punch in a PIN number you do not have time to shop. Remembering the PIN is another issue.
    Anyhow I am thrilled at this news and look forward to this option. Also I want to add that charities with online websites should consider accepting paypal. Sometimes people hear of things and want to help, paypal would open the doors in many cases (eg if I hear of an animal shelter in another province that just busted a puppy mill and now has 400 dogs in their care, I want to help and would look for paypal option on the website.