Thursday, 14 July 2011

You can save £300 per car every year, no matter what the size of your fleet

You can gain the buying power of a much larger business no matter the size of your company OR the size of your 'fleet' of vehicles and save something like £300 per car per year. That's the promise of

Because has just launched a range of services aimed at giving businesses like yours far greater control of their fleets. Not only can firms and businesses manage their fleets better, Run Your Cars claims they can save around £300 per vehicle per year against a fleet purchasing the same services directly.

Steve Whitmarsh, the MD of Run Your Cars, said “Many businesses don’t like to outsource control of their fleets to a third party fleet management business because they believe fleet management companies will be looking after their own interests rather than those of their customers. This is particularly so with smaller businesses that don’t think they have the share of voice or scale/stature needed to be an important consideration to traditional fleet management operations.

“But with our service the customer retains full control of their vehicles and all of the decisions associated with them. However, we make it easier and quicker to manage their fleet and drivers with our intuitive online systems. Our customers can benefit from our purchasing power, manage vehicle and driver allocations and look after their duty of care responsibilities online 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. “

Run Your Cars customers pay a low cost monthly membership fee per vehicle which gives them access to the following:

• An online fleet management system
• Free RAC breakdown
• Free Accident Management
• Online risk management solution
• Specially negotiated rates on hire cars
• Massive discounts on servicing at over 6000 main dealer and independent outlets
• Vehicle contract hire and leasing

For further information on these and other services from Run Your Cars visit them at

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