Monday, 11 July 2011

If your mobile phone is controlling your life, time to take the control back

If your mobile phone is controlling your life, time to take the control back

If your mobile is controlling you and ruling your life, take control with this amazing new app that costs less than a bottle of water! MaziPhone will become your personal assistant, screening calls and sending polite messages when you’re busy or relaxing.

Then, when you’re ready for business, check your calls and get back to chat. MaziPhone works on all Android phones (2.2 and up) and is designed to put you back in charge without offending anyone. MaziPhone will allow selected callers to get through whilst going into voicemail and sending a text message to others if you choose. Or it can simply block and text all callers for as long as you want. So, whether you’re having lunch, in a meeting or just chilling out, MaziPhone won’t let you lose that business deal, relationship or juicy bit of gossip! It ensures you keep business contacts, loved ones and friends happy and up to speed with where you are until you’re available.

There are four ways to let MaziPhone take the stress out of your mobile:

1. Set MaziPhone to hang up then send a text to the caller. You might say something funny such as, ‘Hey, I’m having a nap right now, will call you when I’m up!’ or use a serious message - ‘I’m in a meeting, if this is urgent please call my home number, thank you.’ Pre-set messages can be up to 160 characters.

2. If you prefer, MaziPhone can just hang up, send no text message and put the caller straight through to your voicemail.

3. Or it can do nothing. This means MaziPhone won't hang up and the last call will be recorded on the homepage widget screen for easy and speedy viewing. Most phones need 2 to 4 clicks to get call history.

4. Or why not select your favourite contacts? This brilliant filter setting allows you to place a check against the contacts you do not wish MaziPhone to block. That means calls from friends, family or important business will come through while others are texted.

If you want to get your life back, put MaziPhone on your mobile. Find out more at

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