Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Water coolers make staff healthier and boost productivity

‘A healthy workforce is a happy workforce’ well, that’s often said, but how often does anyone DO anything about it?  Those people who use the services of Angel Springs, because in the case of Angel Springs ‘a hydrated workforce is a more productive workforce’ is the rule.

Good levels of hydration within the office are proven to improve concentration, provide better mental and physical efficiency and a greater level of productivity. A bottle or mains fed water cooler are known to be the best way of encouraging water consumption in the office.

Leading water cooler service provider in the United Kingdom, Angel Springs offer a number of both bottled and mains fed water coolers.

All Angel Springswater coolers are offered on a number of different packages, each tailored specifically towards the needs of the customer and offering a large amount of flexibility.

Since being launched in 1989, Angel Springs have maintained a high standard of quality and customer service, something the company prides itself on.

Already the leading water cooler service provider in the United Kingdom, Angel Springs continue to add thousands of new customers per month.

All customer queries are dealt with professionally and efficiently by the Angel Springs customer services staff, all of whom are BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) qualified and offer a wealth of specialist knowledge.

Regional distribution centres allow Angel Springs to source the best quality water from locations such as the Cotswold Hills to ensure customers get the best quality for money.

To find out more about Angel Springs, visit the website: or call 0845 370 1177.

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