Sunday, 14 October 2012

Punch talks on new B2B opportunities with LinkedIn

LinkedIn's latest update - which encourages individuals and brands alike to build and engage with a network in a manner similar to Facebook - offers a major new opportunity for brand marketers that are keen to capitalise on the professional nature of the network, according to integrated social, search and PR company Punch Communications.

Since its launch in May 2003, LinkedIn has become associated with creating and managing professional connections – whilst being the backdrop for an online résumé.

The latest refresh arguably capitalises on the successes of other services – such as Facebook, amongst other sites – which are used as the basis for social brand building.

Pete Goold, the Managing Director of Punch, which also offers social search services, commented: “As a long-standing LinkedIn user, I think these latest changes really activate the potential of having an established professional network. From a brand marketing perspective, companies are able to not only create points of interest for their customers – whether business-related or consumers – but also to utilise employees' own networks, many of which will be well established given the ubiquity of LinkedIn as a career-enhancing tool."

The site's revised features include sections within the Careers Page, along with a new insights dashboard, a wider cover photo and targeted status updates with performance metrics for Company Pages. Recognising the growing importance of mobile applications in business, the new Company Pages can now be accessed via the LinkedIn mobile app.

Stemming from the successful Company Follow Feature, an ‘influencers to follow’ tool was developed in the beginning of October, which allows users to receive updates and the latest news from a select group of movers and shakers. The prominent individuals chosen as influencers, including Sir Richard Branson and President Obama, were nominated to help promote engagement across the platform, encouraging people to connect and interact with brands over relevant business and world news.

Pete added: “With these changes, LinkedIn is now an indispensable part of a company’s social marketing plan – particularly if targeting a B2B audience, although of course it's worth remembering that LinkedIn users are consumers too.”

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